Telia Rumal Double Ikat

We had our first tryst with the Telia Rumal double Ikat weave when we visited Puttapaka village in 2012. The amount of precision and math needed to weave these geometric patterns amazed us. Origin & History Telia Rumal literally means ‘Oily Handkerchief’. The craft has its origin in Andhra Pradesh and dates back to early 19th Century. Though it started in Chirala, it’s mostly practised by a few weavers in Puttapaka village of Nalgonda district. The rectangular telia cloths were used as a veil/scarves by women and a multipurpose cloth by men (turban, lungi, shoulder cloth). They were also exported...

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Fashion and Climate Change

Fashion industry is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. Fast fashion currently contributes to over 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and also pollute our natural waterways by releasing microplastics. As a responsible fashion brand we are doing our bit by incorporating sustainable practices at every level of production starting with the textiles. All our textiles are handwoven by traditional craftspeople in rural India Unlike fast fashion that is energy intensive our textiles are made by humans We use natural fibres that do not release microplastics during a wash cycle.  How can conscious consumerism support sustainable fashion...

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